Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Battistinis Viral Marketing Campaign One!

In 2006 we built the innovative, high-performance, unmistakable and absolute stunning motorcycle, Moto Rosso. We wanted to take our marketing to a whole new dimension. Viral marketing existed by the few and within the world of Customs it was an unheard way to communicate to the public. This was our original viral marketing campaign and has set the benchmark for all others to follow.

One bike, one bloke and one stunning lady! No over the top logo placement and ‘buy this’ quotes, just one crazy idea thought up over a few beers followed through to a reality!

Cover your eyes if you are easily offended or faint hearted!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


Unfortunately we have been warned too! We have had to remove this video due to the nature of its content! Oh well, we thought that it was just funny! We will of course e-mail it to you if you have not already found it on youtube or various other internet media sharing sites!

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