Friday, July 4, 2008

Evasion by Battistinis

To play by the rules is always the safest bet, breaking them and flicking two fingers at what one expects is the way to go in our eyes and exactly what this bike is all about. Evasion has it all going on and so much more. Built by Battistinis UK to get the heads turning and good times rolling!

This ain't no dress rehearsal; this bike is as bespoke as it gets its high class with a bucket load of attitude thrown in for good measure! Battistinis ‘one-off’ fabrication from front to rear set the benchmark for the rest of the parts on Evasion to follow. No picking a long list of parts from a catalogue as this is the result of a wealth of engineering prowess crafting a pile of steel sheet and tubes alongside a mountain of billet into a rolling piece of Art!

Evasion is built to look good, it’s built to ride hard, it’s built to be unique and most of all its built in England. It drips custom throughout and really raises the bar of the custom bike industry another notch!

The very lucky owner of Evasion had seen the television shows, bought the magazines but had only rode one type of bike. That would be a race bike and a very fast one infact! Evasion had to have a fat rear wheel, a massive 330mm in this instance. It had to be powerful; a 114” Total Performance billet engine powerhouse married up to a six speed gear box pumped through the ‘one-off’ straight thru Battistinis pipes really make this baby sing and dance!

Up front a pair of inverted chrome forks manufactured by the world famous Arlen Ness allow a pair of unique Battistinis handlebars with built in risers to bolt on. These incorporate all the wiring and brake master cylinders internally through utilising the innovative Custom Cycle Controls system.

The wheels for Evasion could only be one type. Hours after the lights were switched off the CNC machine continued to power its way through two mammoth billets of aluminium to create a pair of bespoke wheels. Up front a 21” x 2.15” paired with a 330 x 17” monster in the rear, mirror polished to perfection are the overall result.

The lack of a rear disk may raise initial concern before closer inspection highlights that all rear braking comes through a transmission brake, bringing innovation to the bike in one massive swoop! The rear end is then finished off with Legend air suspension, offering comfort for the fainthearted yet also the ability give the bike no nonsense hardcore attitude when slammed at the touch of a button.

Paintwork draws elegance and class to the bike, House of Kolour black and burgundy laid down with Celtic tribal laid on and striped off with enamel bring the quality and excellence that this bike deserves.

Evasion is as tailored as it gets! t’s what custom bikes are all about!

Don’t miss out as ‘Evasion’ is currently is a resident on the Bournemouth Riviera in the Battistinis showroom. So if you like things that ooze class and don’t want to painfully wait to ride off into the sunset get down to Battistinis NOW and make Evasion yours!

“C’mon let the good times roll!”
Bring on the summer!

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