Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HIT THE ROAD . . . . . .

HIT THE ROAD . . . . . .

Lets face the facts! Yeah the internet is great but in truth who would really want to see a 70 x 70 pixel image the size of a postage stamp of a custom bike when it really is so easy to just see the metal for real!

You can of course stay at home but in our eyes as the weather seems to be turning better, the evenings getting lighter each day that passes so why not get down to the Battistinis Showroom today!

See the latest builds, see the range of bikes currently for sale and see the ever expanding parts collection!

Everyone is welcome to the showroom!

The Battistinis showroom & phone lines are open Mon-Fri 8.30-5.30, Sat 9.00 – 1.00

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email: sales@battistinis.co.uk

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