Friday, April 3, 2009

Custom Cycle Controls . . . . . .

Custom Cycle Controls . . . . . .

If you are a lucky one out their and already have a set of the multi award winning Custom Cycle Controls fitted to your steed you may ask “what can be better”.

Well over the years we have used quite a few pairs of CCC bars and really have asked the same question as in our eyes these bars and controls really are as good as it gets!

We like things to be sleek, refined and thought about in terms of design and engineering! When it comes to turn signals on a bike we really do not like the idea of some cheap plastic jam pot things hanging off the side of your ride like some bent odd looking lamp post! With all this in mind this would be the reason why these new beauties from Custom Cycle Controls not only look and work great but got our seal of approval as soon as we saw them!

What’s next? Your looking at it! CCC now with inbuilt turn signals!

A really neat touch that works! Simple!

Available now from Battistinis and all professional bike shops worldwide! Get in contact today to be directed to your nearest!

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