Wednesday, May 27, 2009

STOP with Beringer . . . . .

STOP with Beringer . . . . .

BERINGER® has been manufacturing brakes for racing for more

than 17 years, with an unequalled spirit of quality and performance.

Very quickly BERINGER® braking parts have been appreciated by top racing teams for their exceptional performance and reliability. This enabled BERINGER® to enter and stay in the Endurance World Championships, supplying a lot of teams in 12 years and winning the 2000 and 2003 World Champion title with the Phase One Team, and tee 2002 title with ZONGSHEN team. This was made possible because of a staff of impassionate Engineers who were able to study and develop new products specific to each use. These patented innovations have allowed BERINGER brakes to take a decisive technological advance. The 4 disc AEROTEC® used in Superbike races is a good example, as well as the AEROTEC® master cylinders mounted on bearings which give the riders an exceptional feeling, or the famous AERONAL discs that became Supersport World Champion in 2000 with Team Alpha Technik.

Battistinis are proud to now offer the complete range of Beringer products, view the latest catalogue here:

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