Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chianti Classico 2009. . . . .

Chianti Classico 2009. . . . .

A few weeks back before the weather turned good and whilst everyone was still talking doom and gloom we thought of a great idea! Get a group of like minded individuals together, load them and their bikes up and head to somewhere where for a good ‘ol time, where we could simply put, ‘cut loose’!

It just so happened that our good mate Russel at Exile was thinking the same tune! The result! Head off to the Chianti Classico HOG Rally in Italy where simply put things really could not be any better! The formula was simple. Ride hard, party hard and have a great time along the way! With the bikes fuelled up we headed off and rode a few hundred kilometres a day and let the adventure unfold along the way! After a few days of hard riding we got to the Chianti Classico HOG Rally that was over the weekend of 8th/9th May. Being that some time has now passed since we have returned we now have hundreds of amazing photos that we could spend close on the next year uploading for all to see. However this lovely and ‘exciting’ task can happen when the weather turns and we are graced with ice covered roads and evenings that we don’t want to leave the house! Until that time we can show you a quick glimpse of the five page feature published in ‘Lowride’ Italy this month!

Thank you to everyone for your hospitality along the way, you all know who you are! Also a massive thanks to everyone who made it along on the trip and made it so special!

“C’mon let the good times roll!”

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