Thursday, May 20, 2010

Battistinis, Rapha Cycle Club . . . .

Battistinis, Rapha Cycle Club . . . .

On our very first sign we had some twenty years back now it said ‘Motorcycles Forever’. To this day we have stood strong to that belief with passion! And our new store clearly shows this with a blend of brand new bikes and also some classics that have stood the test of time!

If we had just opened a cycle shop however all we can say is that we really would want it to be like the ‘Rapha Cycle Club’. An absolute winning formula, so if two wheels powered by your spinning legs is more up your street than ones with an engine powering them make sure that you drop by the new store Rapha store in London!

Its a combination of gallery, shop and café, the Cycle Club is a meeting place and hub for road riders. Unlike most ‘pop up’ stores, the Rapha Cycle Club will be more than just a retail space. With live screenings of road races and a full calendar of exhibitions and events, the Rapha Cycle Club will be a home for the sport and culture of road racing. This is the ultimate Rapha experience.

An extensive range of Rapha products including a limited edition collection of Cycle Club items, as well as food and drink. Various screenings and exhibitions will take place including every stage of the Giro and the Tour, and exhibitions celebrating Fausto Coppi and the centenary of the Col du Tourmalet.

Find out more here:

The location is:

146-148 Clerkenwell Road EC1 5DGLondon
Tel. +44 (0)207 833 8402

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday

8am to 8pm


10am to 8pm


10am to 4pm

Great stuff!

Battistinis UK Ltd
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Dorset, BH7 6DY


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