Friday, June 25, 2010

Battistinis, The 2010 open weekend has landed . . . . .

Battistinis, The 2010 open weekend has landed . . . . .

The Battistinis 2010 open weekend has landed. Need we say anything else about this years, twentieth anniversary and new showroom grand opening weekend! Well yes is the answer as every hour that passes more and more players come into the fold! The support from local, national and international customers and suppliers has been overwhelming and we truly appreciate it all!

Things are looking up and that’s not just the sun in the sky or the expected amount of people! Since yesterday we have had and come on board!

The beers are on ice, the sun is beaming down and the shop is ready!

Come and what we what we have been busy over the last few months!!!!!!!

The open weekend is on both Sat26th and Sun27th June.

Want to know more and don’t want to take our work for it, see what our local paper has to say about it!!!!!

“See you at the weekend!”

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