Friday, September 17, 2010

Battistinis, Ride Italy in 2011 style. . . . .

Battistinis, Ride Italy in 2011 style. . . . .

There is being organised and then there is being over organised (if that is ever possible)! Well you decide what side this update falls into but we just wanted to get this trip up here as time passes way to fast and also the more notice the longer everyone has to save their pennies(which should actually be euro’s) for this absolute belter of a trip!

A true gem of a trip that we undertake every year yet maintain a rather low-key approach to is our annual trip across Italy! The deal here is simple! When the weather is unpredictable in the UK we load up the trucks with everyone’s bikes, drive them south down to Italy and when your bike arrives you simply jump on a plane and meet us there for around a weeks riding in a truly stunning location! For 2011 we have decided to travel to from Como (Italy) to Corsica (Italy) on 2nd – 7th June 2011 with places being strictly limited and on a first come basis!

This year we headed across Italy a few times with one of the epic trips being for the 2010 Chianti Hills HOG rally and crikey what a blast of a time we had!

>>> CLICK HERE <<< to view a few of the Kodak moments of that very trip that we have finally managed to upload!

If the sound of the 2011 Como-Corsica trip interests and you like the idea of this amazing ride and experience simply call us on +44(0)1202 437400 or email

“Good times!”

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