Friday, December 24, 2010

Battistinis, Christmas and New Years Opening times . . . . . . .

Battistinis, Christmas and New Years Opening times . . . . . . .

So its Christmas Eve and things around the Battistinis camp are quite frankly rather busy! It may be the big freeze outside yet its far from that here with things truly hotting up to unbelievable levels to finish off 2010!

A new year brings a new start. However we have decided to jump the gun a bit and are already well underway with a heap of happening for 2011!

Last week saw the latest and ‘greatest’ instalment yet of our ever popular ‘Retro Revival’ and all we can say is that this exquisite evening of true yesteryear 40’s & 50’s beauty and styling is off to brand new heights in the new year! Photos from the ‘Mega Christmas Special’ event will be up on this very blog very soon alongside all of the exciting news for this event to power off thru 2011! New bands, new performers, new venues, its all going to be happening!!!!!!!

As far as our show calendar looks for the new year, its already rather busy to say the least. Flights, ferries and hotels already booked for shows in the UK, USA, Italy, Spain and a whole host of other countries! Watch this space as a list of happenings will be on this very blog very soon!!

A string of new bikes have been put thru the paces in the workshops over the past weeks and months! So if you think its all rather quiet on our bike front think again as most of the latest builds have been kept under wraps for selected launches at shows throughout the new year! Alongside these bikes is our brand new ‘TOP SECRET’ product line which is also currently being developed that will take to the worlds custom stage at the ‘Easyriders V-Twin Expo USA’ in February! This truly will push the envelope once more and all we can say is that if you can think what our new range looks like, simply think again!!!!!!!

With all these happenings we also need a well deserved break! The Battistinis showroom and ‘Rockers’ Cafe are now closed until Jan 4th! However a lot will be going on behind the scenes so we will be contactable via emails and also on the phone (leave a message on the voice mail) and we will be back in touch! Also keep a look to this very blog as details of many happenings will be uploaded over this period!

Until then, have a great Christmas and New years and if we do see you over the festive period ours is a J.D on the rocks!

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