Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Battistinis, Retro Revival Kitty Kat Club Dance Extravaganza . . . . .

Battistinis, Retro Revival Kitty Kat Club Dance Extravaganza . . . . .

Well it may be a couple of days (well okay maybe two weeks) since our last update on this very blog but rest assured that things are far from quiet around the Battistinis camp!

This weekend saw our latest happening in the form of the mighty ‘Battistinis Retro Revival’ that was back with a ‘BANG’ being a ‘Kitty Kat Club Dance Extravaganza’! A massive thankyou to everyone who made it along for the evening as it truly was our best ‘Retro Revival’ ever with more cars, bikes, dancing and good times than ever before! Some stunmning photos from the evening can be seen here: http://adrianlambert.zenfolio.com/battistinis-apr-2011

Where Adrian Lambert our photographer for the evening once again truly captures the spirit of the evening!

Back a couple of months ago when we first moved the evening from the comforts of our very own shop to a better suited venue we heard all the doubters but now after this weekend we are safe in the knowledge that it was one of the best decisions that we made for the event to go from strength to strength and the fun to continue! Roll on Sat May 28th when Retro Revival returns with an event that you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON being the official party to the mighty Battistinis California Dreamin’ Expo!

Remember that the Battistinis Custom Centre incorporating the ‘Rockers Cafe’ is open:

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Sunday: Pre-arranged events only. (See in store for posters)

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