Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Battistinis World Exclusive . . . . . . . .


Battistinis Custom Cycles, based in Bournemouth, England are ecstatic to announce that they have been selected and are now established as a key supplier to the National Space Program for the latest Mission, Prestige that is due to blast off in 2018.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Organization, tasked with implementing the National Space Policy established on previous missions that the broadening vision of space activities shall contribute a major significance to the future of all Space exploration.

In an attempt to reduce overall mission costs and maximize on each mission, Space exploration must be aimed at extending the human presence throughout the solar system. The development of the new Battistinis two person motorcycle styled Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) was an urgent requirement to the mission program.

NASA required to land the two person human crews anywhere on the Moon's surface and allow the CEV to transport the pair to any given location. One of NASA's reasons for going back to the Moon is to demonstrate that astronauts can essentially "live off the land". The utilization of this new Crew Exploration Vehicle, equipped with the complete Battistinis Product Range will allow this must needed solution and ensure that it is undertaken in utter style. The CEV that has been created is to be unveiled at the Las Vegas 2008 S.P.A.C.E Exhibition.

A L.O.O.F agency spokesperson stated that "This is a huge and very ambitious space program, Battistinis have been selected to equip the CEV with its complete line up of parts as the vehicle that has been developed is based on the American V-Twin and without doubt the Battistinis range is at the cutting edge of the motorcycle industry.

Mark Battistinis stated, “When initially contacted by the agency we could not believe the challenge that was being asked and have been working intensely and in partnership with all involved. Now having stepped up to the agency’s envisions we are poised to turn a new chapter in the custom bike industry with the departure of what one would expect is achievable. The projection of the challenge is immense yet the sole objective here maintains for the truth not to get In the way of a good old story.”

Please do not hesitate to contact Battistinis should you require any further info about this unbelievable event or the Battistinis Product Range that is NOW AVAILABLE!

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