Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Up in the attic . . . . . . . .

Up in the attic . . . . . . .

Spring has brought out more than the brush and dustpan in the Battistinis Showroom. From the magical folders that live unopened at the back of the filling cabinets to the dust covered cardboard boxes up in the roof space that last saw the light of day a few years back have all been pulled out. Oh boy what beauties we have unearthed. From a mountain of photos to dig through and have a right old laugh at.

Scanning duties are now in place and are starting to get the sweat bead on many a persons brow as which of the beauties are to be used in upcoming promotions still remains the question!

Now with the digital age more paramount than ever before help us to add to our image collection. If you’ve got some shots of you out their riding please feel free to send them through to us as we would love to see them all!
e-mail them to: sales@battistinis.co.uk