Monday, June 9, 2008

Batt bikes!

On the bike front we have been building more than ever before! From out and out kickass’ ‘West Coast’ styleee chops, to hard as nails Exile Trikes and bikes that truly are tough as boots. Then also in the final stages is an ultra clean build that is our vision of what a lowrider should look like – long, lean and low for that unique San Francisco Bay look. Talking of San Fran we even have an original Arlen Ness chop in at the moment being brought back to its former glory! And just to spice things up even more we thought adding a big bear chopper to the mix would break the rules of what anyones expects us to build!

To become the kewlest dude in town pick up the phone, or even the sat nav get down to us today as the summer is here and these bikes ready to roll will not be here for long!

View all the latest builds at the Open Weekend on June 28th & 29th!