Monday, June 9, 2008

Crash, Bang, Wallop, its already JUNE!!!!!!!

Well somehow we have already got to June and its not days or weeks but months since we have had a chance to update this very site and keep you in the loop of some of our recent and not so recent antics. To say that it’s utter mayhem here at the moment would be a real understatement! Bikes, parts, grinding, welding and good ‘ole times have been the nature of the beast lately!

Even thou ’08 is flying past faster that we like as we can barely keep up our assault on 2009 has already commenced. Our parts range that has gone down a real storm worldwide throughout the year is (as always) in major development to both stay ultra fresh and be expanded for when the 09’ catalogues hit the counters!

Until then its now what we are concentrating on and boy oh boy have we got some real corkers of rides that we are working on to be unleashed!