Monday, September 22, 2008

Ness Blue Chop . . . . . .

Ness Blue Chop . . . . . .

Built by the man himself, Arlen Ness in 88’ and restored by Battistinis in 08’

Some people like choppers, others lowriders, others bobbers! The list really could go on and on! However in our eyes ‘The Blue Chop’ is what we consider ‘kewl as hell!’

This is just one of the many projects that we have been upto this year on the bike building and restoration front!

As much as you may want to turn your back on the stresses of the world, swing your leg over this and ride it away it is (as the sign on it in the showroom suggests) NOT FOR SALE!!!! However, if this is the style of bike that you are after get in contact with us as if it comes out anything like this you will not regret it!

Further pictures and spec to follow about this beauty in the future!
(That’s once we have come back in from being out on the road enjoying the sunshine!)

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