Thursday, September 25, 2008

GQ Battistinis Style . . . . . .

GQ Battistinis Style . . . . . .

With all things in life you can follow the trends, imitate others or just make your own path by simply drawing inspiration from everything around you, the latter being what we prefer to do! Be it a 50’s Roadster, a pre war industrial machine or even an i-pod nano we draw inspiration from as many sources as possible.

When the words FASHION, GROOMING, ART, DESIGN, OPONION are on the cover of a magazine you know that they can only be on a very select few publications on the book shelf. If the words ‘the definitive guide to men’s fashion’ are also on the cover it can only be one such title, GQ Style. In this instance the Autumn/winter 2008/09 (Issue 7) that has just been released.

The Battistinis Smooftale is not a bike that has to follow any trends being that it is one that has set them for others to follow. This is the reason why it features in a double page, ‘Who Dares Wins’ GQ feature with products from designers Giorgio Armani, Raf Simons, Rick Owens and Silverman’s, each being innovators in their own fields.

This is Battistinis’ vision of what a lowrider should look like – very long, lean and low; 7/8th chrome moly tubing for that unique San Francisco Bay look. With no angles, the total elegance of the project being exclusively based on fluidity of lines… We’re much into diggers; that’s what we really enjoy building and riding. No cheapo or not so cheerful oriental gadgetry. “Less is more” as they say… Whilst clearly not for the novice or the fainthearted, Smooftale’s utter rideability will surprise most cynics. To become the kewlest dude in town Contact Battistinis TODAY!

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