Monday, October 6, 2008

The newest member of the Battistini Gang . . . .

The newest member of the Battistini Gang . . . . .

Battistinis goes Exile!

Hardcore, tough, minimal and above all a bike with Attitude!
Tough as nails but completely rideable is what this bike is all about!

Battistinis “Europe’s Premier supplier of Exile Motorcycles” unleash another one of the Exile classics to the public. This time round the name of the bike is ‘The Fatbloke’. The reason for the name, well that would be to do with one very good friend of Russell Mitchell and a sunny afternoon in London, ask no more!

The Fatbloke screams Exile, being a true timeless classic, reminiscent of the fat, nostalgic bikes that first came out bearing the ‘Exile’ brand some ten years back. This beauty is built to be rode hard, rode fast and has a fist full of attitude thrown in for good measure!

Every part on this bike are not bolted on for the sake of it. Rather than building a bike with a mis-match of parts this beauty brings all high end quality parts that work both visually and mechanically together.

Every billet part, of which the bike is loaded with have been show polished to perfection. Then they have all been cut back to give the industrial look and feel that Exile has become famed for!

A bike like this can only be one colour, yet the finish can be one of only two, gloss or matt. Gloss black paint was what was chosen but not just any old can of black found in the back of a garden shed. This paintjob had its paint laid on, cut back and then reapplied to give the richest and deepest shine you can get in the business!

Battistinis wanted to create a bike that was completely Exile in all its senses!
“Clean tough European styling whether you like it or not”

Just because this Battistinis Exile does not come supplied looking like your local town Christmas tree, it still is fully loaded to the hilt rest assured!

- 124” Total Performance billet engine
- JIMS 6 –speed transmission
- Metzeler 230/60 at the back and a Metzeler 200/70 tire up front!
- JayBrake handlebar controls
- Black Rims
- Exile forward controls
- Exile brake callipers front and rear
- Ceramic coated pipes
- Daytec American made Softail frame
- Exile fuel tank
- Exile front and rear fenders
- Exile Sprocket brake kit

Battistinis are pleased to announce that they now offer the complete range of Exile bikes and trikes! Whether you want an Exile to build and wrench on yourself or want a complete on the road bike, Battistinis have it covered.

So to get a no-nonsense real head turner of a bike call Battistinis today!

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Bournemouth, Dorset

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