Wednesday, October 15, 2008

El Toro in Indonesia . . . . . . .

El Toro in Montryu . . . . . . .

Well time seems to be flying past faster than ever, but as that’s not within our control we will just have to put up and shut up with it we guess. However it’s nice at times to be brought back to some of the things that we have been upto throughout the year as a reminder to why we have been so busy and why the clocks and calendars feel like the fast forward button has been held down on them all!

The beginning of October is no different from the beginning of any other month when we have the postman hobbling in with backache from the stacks of custom magazines that land on our desks from across the globe. This month one certain brown envelope contained not one but two copies of the publication Montryu. Based in Indonesia, Montryu could not choose which one of our latest builds to feature so decided to feature both! Battistinis bikes in back to back issues and having them also on both covers really was the icing on the cake! This month the Brand new ground up build called El Toro takes the limelight!

At Battistinis you will find the best collection of custom bikes for sale under one roof in the UK. From bikes that really have stood the test of time to ones that have barely seen the light of day, we can safely say we have a collection to cover all tastes, styles and sizes. You can also be safe in the knowledge that if we don’t have what you are looking for we can build it for you!

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