Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Evasion in Indonesia . . . . . . .

Evasion in Indonesia . . . . . . .

Sometimes when you build a bike the moment it rolls of the ramp and is fired up for the first time it rolls out the miles, one after another, hail rain or shine getting seen by all! Other times a bike may barely see the light of day and is unknown by everyone expect for the owner and those involved within its creation. Either way, Battistinis always build their bikes to not only look great but ride great too! We may not opt for the latest must have gizmo, gadget or fad as prefer to build bikes that will ride and look as good as they do today as in ten or twenty years time.

Featured above is Evasion as in Montryu, Indonesia. This is a bike that will truly create its own legacy!

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