Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Battistinis Forward Controls . . . . . .

Battistinis Forward Controls

Sit back or get up and GO! For 2009 we thought that not only getting back to the drawing board for a whole host of exciting new products would do so somehow managed to find the time to squeeze in going back over a selection of our existing products and refine them to make them even better than before!

First up on the table are our forward controls. A brand new machining cut leaves a sharper finish than before and with a new engraved logo brings a whole new look and feel! The black anodized versions with the new bold highlight re-cut not only look amazing but complement the rest of the range better than ever! What has not changed thou is that these beauties are still CNC machined to the highest possible standards from T6-6061 Aluminum in the USA and it shows!

These Battistinis forwards will bolt straight into all Harley Davidson models with provisions for forward control mounting! Available in standard stock length, +2” extended, supplied with Battistinis footpegs and shifter/brake lever pegs.

But there’s more than just looks going on here, these DOT compliant forward controls unique design incorporates the pivot shaft and footpeg mount in one for a higher foot position, creating not only uncluttered cleaner looks but also better ground clearance!

The master cylinder bore is ¾”, utilizing stock replacement Harley Davidson rebuild kits for simple and ease of sourcing repalcement parts should you need too.

As with The complete Battistinis product range, these beauties are available in show winning chrome plating and also black anodising with highlight re-machining that offers a bold two-tone look that really brings the parts to life!

Battistini Forward controls pre 2000 FXST Chrome
Part Number: 07-500

Battistini Forward controls pre 2000 FXST Black
Part Number: 07-501

Battistini Forward controls pre 2000 FXST Chrome plus 2"
Part Number: 07-500+2

Battistini Forward controls pre 2000 FXST Black Plus 2"
Part Number: 07-501+2

Knock-out Style and innovation all rolled into one, from Battistinis of course!
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