Monday, December 29, 2008

Easyriders Germany . . . . . .

Easyriders Germany . . . . . .

Well the quest to see how much food and drink you can get through in a single day has taken its toll on all of us here that’s for sure. Like you no doubt we managed to battle through the mountain of turkey, brandy and whatever else lay in front of our eyes ‘needing to be eaten’ in a single day! Well its back to business as normal here now, just with us carrying around a little extra weight! Well just before Christmas when opening the post we could not help but notice one envelope stamped up from Germany. There was good reason for its postmark, being that it was the latest offering from our good friends at Easyriders Germany!

We like the bikes that we build and really do love it when they are appreciated by others too. A massive thanks goes out to Easyriders Germany for this great and HUGE feature of the Battistinis OPEX in the January 2009 issue (Available Now). This bike was built for Opex Exhibition Services London UK and is loaded to the hilt. No over the top logo placement, no ‘here one minute gone the next’ gimmicks and fads, just true timeless styling that shows the beauty of the bike!

Battistinis ‘OPEX’ really is a stunner of a ride and if you like what you see contact us as we are more than happy to help you create your dream and make it a reality too!

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