Monday, December 22, 2008

Hidden Battistinis Fatboy . . . .

Hidden Battistinis Fatboy!

We all seem to spend far more anti social hours than ever before bashing small plastic keys, staring at a flat screen and logging massive amounts of hours ‘surfing’ without even getting wet or even leaving the comfort of our desk!

Well all this results in us really having the power at our fingertips. It also means that cleaning out an old computer is more and more like cleaning out the garage. You find files and files of useless junk, however you always come across some real hidden gems that you forgot you ever had!

Well in this instance a 2007 Harley Davidson Fat boy Battistinis Customisation throughout, from a whopper 250 rear end to custom cycle controls up front and everything Battistinis between. If we found this in our garage we would be dam dam happy, but we would also want the bike too. If you also like the look of this 2007 Fatboy with about 100 miles!!!!!! On the clock contact us as this beauty is currently looking for a new home!

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