Friday, February 8, 2008

Battistinis at the world’s largest V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati U.S.A . . . . . . . .

We have just got back from the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati U.S.A where our Brand NEW product range was exhibited at the world’s largest V-Twin Expo to the complete V-Twin trade in the States. The V-Twin expo is the largest show in the world solely for the V-Twin custom motorcycle industry and it shows. As you can expect at any top industry show, all the movers, shakers and shapers of the industry are out in force rubbing shoulders with one another. When you look at the list of exhibitors you begin to realise that this is the industry’s largest show for good reason!

The Battistini stand was a hub of excitement! With he new product range going down a storm, it is now available for the complete range of Harleys / Victory’s and of course customs and seems to be growing day by day. We have developed the range to bolt straight on, no cutting, no grinding and above all no raised blood pressures and shouting when trying to get it on the bike!

All of our parts are manufactured on the West Coast of U.S.A, with the complete range being available in chrome and also black anodise with highlight re-machining.

Over in Cincinnati we also met face to face with all of the owners of the brands that we import and distribute throughout Europe. And boy oh boy, all we have to say is that some of the products that we have coming over very soon are so hot they are unreal! The rules of what you have come to expect are all up in the air, and when the parts land with us we guarantee they will bring a smile to your faces!

We are all back to now thou, with a lighter wallets all round but more importantly a great time was had by all, especially having made a good attempt at drinking America dry of Corona, cocktails and whatever else we could fuel our bodies with. Many thanks to all the great friends that we made and we hopefully will see you all soon!