Thursday, February 28, 2008

Easyriders (Germany) Feb 2008!

Wow! Six pages of utter delight are what graced us when the latest Easyriders from Germany hit our desks. A massive thank you to our great friends at Easyriders for the feature on our Exile Bullfighter as it looks bloody amazing! The magazine is available now and is well worth the purchase! GO BUY IT!

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Time seems to pass so fast here that we barely even get a quarter of what we set out to do each week by the time the weekend comes back around again to slap us in the face!

One sure thing that we never get a chance to do is sit in front of the little plastic box at the side of our desk pushing the ‘scan’ button to share what many of our good friends around the world like to write about us and the bikes that we build. With another little project up our sleeves the day has come to start the input and what better way to start than with some of our Exile features that are on the newsagents shelves across the globe as we speak.

A few months back now we completed our first Exile. The ‘Exile Bullfighter’ was our first step towards Exile and now there is no turning back. Now being Europe’s Premier Supplier of Exile Motorcycles’ we have to say that we really like these bikes!

From day one we have endeavoured to build and supply the best custom bikes and products within the industry and that is exactly the way we like to build our ‘Exiles’.

Keep your eyes peeled to the international press to see exactly what we are currently upto! Who said that we have to build all our Exile’s with two wheels may give you a trike, sorry idea what is also underway!

If you like what you see and want to find out anything more about the range of Exile Motorcycles that Battistinis offer, CONTACT US TODAY!

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