Monday, August 18, 2008

Exile Fat Bloke by Battistinis. . . . . .

Exile Fat Bloke by Battistinis. . . . . .

Well we really couldn’t let to much time pass before we unleashed another Battistinis built Exile ride out their! This time we chose two wheels rather than three and built a bad-ass ‘Fat Bloke’ kit to rock the streets!

This thing is the business! Gloss black paint, all the billet industrial brushed back, ‘Loud and in ya face’ and ‘understated’ all rolled into one killer of a bike!

Sorry but we have already sold this beauty but as usual the entire range of Exile bikes are available through us as either kits to wrench on yourself or as on the road ready to burn rubber bikes!

If you want to know more about these belters contact ‘Battistinis, Europe’s premier supplier of Exile bIkes’ for further information!

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