Monday, August 18, 2008

Parts Unlimited Street Catalogue Update . . . . . .

Parts Unlimited Street Catalogue Update . . . . . .

The wait is over! For some years now our grips have only been available for Harleys and custom builds! This is no more!

Selected models in the Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory and Yamaha line ups have grips designed and manufactured for direct replacement and fitment!

Click on the image above to see what models our grips will fit! And yes this is a scan in from the Parts unlimited 2008 Update catalogue so yes you can use these part numbers in any good bike shop across the world to get a pair!

As with our complete product range these grips are manufactured in The U.S.A and are available in both show winning chrome plating and also black anodise with highlight re-machining surface finishes!

Want the best, get the best, CALL BATTISTINIS TODAY: +44(0)1202 437400

or EMAIL: to get a pair on your bike TODAY!