Monday, August 18, 2008

SVA . . . . . .

SVA . . . . . .

I’ve seen a bike in the states and I WANT IT! Time and time again we hear people complaining that they have struggled trying to get their hands on a bike that they have bought in America and then when they do its not even road legal for the roads over here and they have to wait even longer to get out on it!

Well fear not as we here at Battistinis we are experts in this field and are geared up for this scenario! Want hassle free importation of your new ride from the US, then contact us!

Battistinis currently have a fleet of bikes that are in the workshops having The Single Approval (SVA) undertaken upon them. This is a must for all imported bikes into the UK to allow them to be made road legal for insurance/tax purposed e.t.c.

CALL BATTISTINIS TODAY: +44(0)1202 437400 or EMAIL: if you want to find out further information!