Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Battistinis, 2010 Open Weekend . . . . .

Battistinis, 2010 Open Weekend . . . . .

So a two day open weekend has meant that we have had a two week absence from this very blog, with the simple reason being that no matter how many cans of the mighty ‘wing bearing’ Redbull we have sunk we really could not keep up! A marriage of required sleep, numerous other shows we have been hitting the road for and all the plans we are putting together for future events at our brand showroom take time and unfortunately our blog was what has lost out!

Now that we are re-fuelled we are ready to get the updates to the blog daily, as that’s the way we really like to keep it!

As far as open weekend photos go we are currently trawling through an impressive 4000 shots that have managed to fill our inboxes, computers and minds and as soon as we select the best and get them online we will let you know! Until that point may we suggest that the Battistinis Warbird reporter may be a good source of some of the many weekend highlights that occured!

>>> CLICK HERE - Battistinis 2010 open weekend day one <<<

>>> CLICK HERE - Battistinis 2010 open weekend day two <<<


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