Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Battistinis, The Great Sticker Wall. . . . .

Battistinis, The Great Sticker Wall. . . . .

The internet truly is a weird one. Every day that passes we really do rely on it more and more in terms of business, fun and everything that happens in our lives! What is even weirder than ever before is that we meet more and more people out there and get to know them simply by bashing a few plastic keys on a keyboard!

When a person called Michael from Denmark contacted us thru this very blog we were at first a bit “what is this person going on about!” However once we saw a few snaps of his very own ‘Great Sticker Wall’ we knew exactly what he was on about! Michael loves bikes and also loves plastering the walls of his workshop with the graphics of those brands which he respects and follows!

With this the case on our next ‘Battistinis’ vinyl re-print some are defo heading towards Dutch waters for Michael’s great wall, or should that be walls! By the looks of what brands are already present its hard to think of ho is missing but if you have a brand and want to shoot some stickers his way get in touch with us and we will of course fire his details to you to do so!

“Good times”

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