Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Battistinis, Busy busy busy. . . .

Battistinis, Busy busy busy. . . .

The eagle eyed cherries amongst you will have noticed that we have been without an update for well over a week! Where the hell does time go is simply the reason why we have not been blogtastic as of late. However rest assured that we have been upto a heap of other happenings outside of this very cyber world that will come apparent over time! Its been heads down and charging on with some real sweet projects if we don’t mind saying ourselves!

From the start of October onwards traditionally always sees the winter wrenching start on the following years projects! We are now awash with some rather large boxes containing frames, forks, engines and just about every other component you need to put together some rather truly kickass steeds!

When time flies past so quick you start to forget some of the things you have been upto throughout the year, being that they begin to feel something of the distant past. One great event this year that no sooner was it here that it was gone was the 2009 Bulldog Bash. Memories came flooding back when our good mate Russell over at Exile dropped us a few pictures in the post and this one summed up a summer of good times in a single snap!

Real nice to get something through the post other than a bill that’s for sure, cheers Russ!

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