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Battistinis Retro Revival Question’s & Answers . . . . .

Battistinis Retro Revival Question’s & Answers . . . . .

If you are comfy and have some time spare please read on below as we have brought together a whole host of answers to questions that we have been both asked about ‘Battistinis Retro Revival’ in general and also about our new venue!

It’s a bit of an epic but we are sure (hope) that we have covered most of the most asked questions!

Happy Reading!

I heard that . . . .

Why has ‘Retro Revival’ you moved?

Back at the end of summer 2010 we decided to put together an evening that we felt nobody was putting on yet one that we would really want to go to! It was an evening that drew together ‘all the good things’ yet did not include all the trash from being another generic typical nightclub event!

We had just moved intro our new shop so had the space and sketched down a few ideals, printed a few posters and had an unbelievable amount of support from everyone who made the event what it exactly is today!

Month on month ‘Retro Revival’ has grown so in an attempt to ensure that we never spoil the memorable times we have all had together in the showroom we feel the natural progression is to go to a better suited venue to continue these great times. Rest assured that finding the perfect venue that maintains all our beliefs and not lose what we have all created together has not been an easy one, however we feel we may have found the perfect tonic for the gin! Roll on 2011 is all we can say as we have lined up a whole host of evenings that will truly cover all tastes and styles! All that is left to say is make sure that the following Sunday is always booked off work as we have planned some great nights ahead of us!


We have been looking for the last couple of months for a new location, but we neither wanted to commit to an in-town ‘horror’ which would lose the feel of the night but also wanted to avoid an out-of-town ‘impossible to find’ set-up! Well thankfully we may well have struck gold. On the outskirts of Bournemouth ‘Centre Stage’ is located on a dead end road so with the benefit of next to no traffic whatsoever and is opposite a huge car park that is ample for everyone and allows all the aspects of the event to continue 100%! Being used on other nights as a comedy club this fabulous venue has a great stage, fully stocked bar and vey welcoming staff so what more need we ask for!

Is there parking?

Yes, and lots of it! This was one of the main factors about finding a suitable new venue! Like you we never really want to be bump the rims up a curb or get faced with the prospect of parking the motosickle around the block. With this in mind this great new venue has a huge smooth tarmac car park that is ample for everyone directly opposite its front door and only cost £1 all night long. Better still with no fence surrounding it the bikes & cars can truly become part of the evening!

Do I need a ticket or can I pay on the door?

The deal here is simple, yes you need a ticket and no entry is available on the door! This has to occur as space is limited at the venue for both safety and also everybody’s enjoyment reasons. Going by previous events ‘Retro Revival’ sells out well in advance so it really is a ‘first come first serve basis’ on the tickets as they are strictly limited. In truth the new venue does not allow us to offer any extra tickets than the events we had in out showroom it just allows us to have a venue that logistically both inside and out is more suited to an event of this nature!

Can you reserve my tickets?

In truth we are a bike shop and that’s what we do, build and sell custom motor bikes! With this the case it’s a logistical nightmare for us and unfair for many if we reserve tickets. Basically they are available at the Battistinis Custom Centre and at selected outlets but if you live further afield and can’t come in to pick up yours the best way to buy them is on-line at our ticket outlet website:

Will you still be serving food?

Yes! As always your ticket cost includes the price of your food. We have a brand new 50’s inspired special menu that now offers you a choice of what you can have on the evening.

I don’t want to eat, can I have a cheaper ticket?

No!!!! Live music, burlesque performers, drink promos, food, great people, good times, trade stands, spot prizes, basically the ticket is priced to simply make all of this possible. If you don’t want the food you know the answer, don’t eat it!

How can I pay for my tickets?

At our shop and at the selected ticket outlets its cash only as unfortunately we cannot accept card. However if you want to pay on card this can be done by purchasing your tickets online via out ticket outlet site.

Do I need to dress up?

If you are more at home to walk round nude feel free, but rest assured that you may get some funny looks at times. However if you mean do I need to dress up to get more ‘in tune’ with the evening, well we actively encourage it as you will fit in more than if you don’t! Also remember that spot prizes are given out for the best dressed guy and doll, basically dress to impress!

What time does the event start and go on until?

Like before at our showroom, doors open at 7.00pm with main acts starting at around 8.00pm. However we have now extended the opening hours and have a license until 12.00am!

Is it a standing or sitting event?

Well in truth we do want to see everyone up on there feet as much as possible with there dancing’ shoes on! Saying this thou, as like before we will have a number of chairs and tables laid out, however if you want to settle down with a group of friends we advise getting in early as these will be limited!

Do you have a cloakroom?


Do you have a bar and alcohol licence?

Oh yes! All nite strong until 12.00am. Like many of you we like a good (few) drinks so have considered this in our prices. We have fully trained bar staff and will be offering promos every night and also have put together a ‘rather special’ cocktail menu that will leave you rather bleary eyes the next morning! Of course soft drinks and teas/coffees are also available!

Do you have a stage?

Yes! We know that having a few beautiful ladies performing or a band reeling out the tunes on the same level as everyone else makes it difficult for everyone to see. Thankfully the new set-up resolves that with a purpose built stage in place!

Will there still be traders?

Yes, 100%! We think that this adds a great aspect to the evening, so if its cup-cakes, traditional barbers, retro vinyl or vintage clothing it is sure to be present! Space is always limited yet we always like to offer something different on every month and so are always looking for something new so if you have a product/company that you think fits the bill for the evening please get in touch at

Will there still be live music?

To right! Every month we will have a different band so no two events will ever be the same! Alongside this live music we will also have a 50’s DJ spinning the tunes throughout the rest of the evening. If you are in a band that think has what we are after get in touch at as we are always looking for new acts and sounds!

Will there still is Burlesque performers?

Of course! For 2011 we have really decided to spice things up and bring some ‘international starlets’ to the event. Every month the names, faces and performances will change so ‘keep an eye out’ on who we have performing. On this note if you are a performer and would like to have the chance to strut your skills please get in touch as we are constantly on the look out for new acts, simply email us at

I heard that you will be playing films, is this true?

Let’s put it this way, we are not going to be asking for silence and all sitting down chewing a bag of popcorn for the whole evening. Basically the stage has the space and facility to project films onto the back wall. With this the case we will be doing exactly that with hot-rod, bike and dance classics, get your requests in!!

I always find out about the event after its happened, how can I be kept informed?

Simple! Join the Battistinis ‘Retro Revival’ database by emailing us at: and you will know all of the latest happenings as soon as everyone else! And before you ask no we won’t sell or pass on your details to anyone else!

I have woke up in a random place, hungover and with a tattoo after your last event, can I have a refund?

Sorry but we feel that you may have had the best night out of everyone. All we suggest that maybe take up a few dance classes before the next event!

I have another question that I can’t find on this really boring list of questions & answers, what shall I do?

Simple answer really! Contact us either by dropping in the Battistinis Custom Centre, call us on (01202) 437400 or email us at

I have some feedback I would like to share, who can I contact?

We try, we try and we try some more! ‘Retro Revival’ is basically put on so everyone has a fun packed evening. If you think something does not meet your expectations or you were let down by an aspect of the evening or you thought that something was better than you imagined we want to hear your feedback as without you we don’t have an evening! Drop in the Battistinis Custom Centre and talk to us face to face , call us on (01202) 437400 or drop us a line at

Remember that the Battistinis Custom Centre incorporating the ‘Rockers Cafe’ is open:

Mon to Friday: 8.30am – 5.30 pm

Saturday: 9.00am – 5.00 pm

Sunday: Pre-arranged events only. (See in store for posters)

Battistinis UK Ltd

Battistinis Custom Centre

1172-1180 Christchurch Road


Dorset, BH7 6DY


Telephone: +44 (0)1202 437400




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