Sunday, March 4, 2012

Battistinis, WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE sneak peek. . . . . .

Battistinis, WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE sneak peek. . . . . .

 So behind closed doors, after hours, days, months and even years Battistinis are estatistic to announce the arrival of a complete new parts and accessories range like no other! Yes you read that correct, an entire new range that will bolt directly onto your Harley Davidson and custom motorcycle is on the verge of being launched worldwide. . . .  

This totally unique approach to motorcycle part and accessories design truly has ripped up the rule book of what you would expect and rest assured has taken the motorcycle parts and accessories market to a whole new level! Here is a sneak peek photo and within next week we will unveil the entire range! To say that we are excited is a MASSIVE MASSIVE understatement as It has been sooooo hard to keep it a secret but the wait is nearly over!!! 

Design work is complete! Concepts on paper have developed into 3D computer models. Prototypes have been developed, tested, destroyed and re-engineered. CNC machine codes have been written. Billets of aluminium have been turned into art. Polishing and plating has been undertaken like you could never imagine. Parts have been checked, re-checked, assembled and packed. Full photo and video shoots have commenced and been edited. Press releases have been wrote and are ready to help spread the word! Lets just say that it has been very very busy behind closed doors and when you see the complete range you may understand why!!!!

Simply put, WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!
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