Friday, May 18, 2012

Battistinis, Kona - America's Oldest Skatepark ......

So it does not matter if its boards, bikes, boats or infact anything that exists in the world but in our eyes it is always good to know its roots and the ‘whys and whens’. It always seems to be a case that the more creative the industry the more history that exists about it! With that the case Skateboarding truly does have no limit of creativity and no limit of history.

Behind every skate trick ever done, is a place or "spot" where it happened. These famous  and some unknown spots which have influenced skateboarding just as much or more than the individuals who skated them.

With that the case watch this little gem of a video which showcases ‘Kona Skatepark , USA’ which is  America’s oldest skatepark and truly a place that has taken more skin and blood than many other concrete strips known to man.

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