Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Battistinis, Stealth Electric Bikes.......

Battistinis, Stealth Electric Bikes.......

So there really is a fine line between madness and genius, however there is also a finer and much closer to home line that we are asking questions about!!!

As the technology in ur iphone means that it may not need a charge it twice a day it also means that other products utilising advancements in battery technology can be developed and thus welcome to the next generation of bikes, now being electric assisted bikes!

Long gone are the weird, odd, unreliable electric bikes of the past as its all now about electric assisted bikes! With the geared motor you can generate speeds that simply are unimaginable! People are split for and against as its neither a cycle or a motocross bike however these could truly signal the future for the custom industry!

In our garage next to our Harley we may have our Orange downhill race bike and Suzuki 250 dirt bike for Sunday afternoon blasts, but hey its all about getting out on them rather than blogging about it we guess!!!! However before we decide what to go out on next there could soon be a fourth member to our four wheeled collection!

Some of the hottest production ones that we have seen out there are designed and manufactured by Stealth and go here to see them: www.stealthelectricbikesunitedkingdom.com

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Proper Link for UK Stealth Electric Bikes is:



Please do share when you are going to launch your new bikes.