Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Battistinis, who broke the Herman miller . . . . .

As what 'snap-on' means to any mechanic 'Herman miller' is the same to anyone who spends to much time at the desk! Well that all ended for mark here yesterday when returning to the shop to find a snapped chair! The morning was spent investigating into finding the culprit of the chair snapping incident but to no success. Early names were suspected but in one fatal blow Nathan owned up to the crime!!!!!!!

However after tine and under further questioning it was deemed that it lay snapped before he tried to rest his sorry arse upon it. (well that is now what he claims!!) With this the current status the case remains open and the guilty one out there be warned, 'you be found!!!'

Why the stress, simple really! If you had a £1000 chair snapped that you owned you would be pissed to!

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