Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Battistinis, Surfers against sewage . . . . . . .

Battistinis,  Surfers against sewage . . . . . . .

PHOTO TAKEN HOURS AGO TODAY!!! Raw sewage running down the slipway towards the beautiful Sennen Cove harbour, Cornwall UK!
Seriously in this day and age this ‘sh*t’ still happens??? and yes the pun was intended! Only yesterday was our very own designer Anthony trying to be the next Kelly Slater in this very wave and only in a few months time will the world’s finest athletes come to row, sail, kayak and sail in our glorious rivers and seas!!!
Join the fight against this and the rest of the seas destruction here: http://www.sas.org.uk
And read more about this article along with the excuses here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-16399874

And no this break is not at Sennen Cove but it is a good excuse to post it up here on this blog: 
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Septic tank experts said...

It is disgusting that in this day and age, raw sewage still contaminates our beaches.
Decentralisation (each house treats its own sewage, as in Australian ECO towns)of sewage treatment is the only answer. Imagine if the only thing leaving every property in the UK was clean water?

Sewage treatment in the UK said...

Septic tank experts is right. The technology exists but the will is missing. Non-electric sewage treatment plants could be fitted to every new house and office, saving thousands of tons of CO2 emissions, but the Government only pays lip service to Green issues.

Septic tank conversion said...

The problem is that sewage is not a popular green topic. It takes 280 watts of electricity to clean up every litre of sewage at a sewage works and sewage treatment accounts for 3% of the UK's national electricity useage. Decentralisation could save all of this, using non-electric methods.
It is very worrying that the Olympic atheletes will be subject to the viruses and bacteria that abound in the seas around the UK due to our cavalier attitude about sewage treatment.

Battistinis Custom Cycles said...

Thanks for the comments, we love facts!!!! One of the main reasons that sewage is not a popular topic in the UK is no doubt down to the fact that even thou we live on an island and water surrounds us on every angle there will always be the meantality of 'its not my problem' and also ignored with a passion by the media! Some of the sights that we have witnessed with our very own eyes would make even the hardest person choke!

Sewer Collection System Expert said...

Believe me, despite all the awareness and education programs implemented across the country, this thing will still happen. The root cause is ignorance. People simply don't care as long as the discharge is not in their own backyard. But what they don't realize is that what goes around comes around and eventually everybody has to bear the brunt. Luckily, there are people who would highlight this issue and let us all join effort to alert each other in order to create a better living environment.

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