Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Helmet and Apparel 2009 Catalogue . . . . . . .

Helmet and Apparel 2009 Catalogue . . . . . . .

Each to there own when it comes to dress sense we say! You could wrap yourself up in cling film and wear a bucket as a lid if that’s floats your boat but we just thought we would bring you some alternatives if you had an ounce of sense and that wasn’t the case!

If you are about swing your leg over your ride and clock in a few thousand miles, get dirty on the crosser, get the knee and elbow down on the asphalt or simply going for a cruise down to the beach on your custom we can now safely say that we have it all covered, including you!

This brand new killer catalogue is a stand alone monster from Drag Specialties/ Parts Unlimited and hosts it all! (so big in-fact that we have had break it up into two parts to get it on-line!)

If you think better is available elsewhere and won’t leave you liking like an astronaut, pin head, Pudding bowl or anything in-between good luck! Simply put, this catalogue has everything you could ever need to cover your body and head, as the title may suggest!!!

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